Friday, August 21, 2009

Exit - Stage Left - Compliments of Snagglepuss - some stockmarket advice

If you remember SnagglePuss , the Pink Lion from 1959
who appeared on the old "The Quick Draw McGraw show" and "The Yogi Bear show" he had a few famous lines he always used.
"Heavens to Murgatroyd" was among the catch phrases. The one
that the lion would use when he saw trouble brewing was "Exit, Stage Left" and he would make a fast escape from the tiny hunter "Major Minor", and dart off out of the way of trouble.
Well the point of all this is that this market has come a long way without any kind of major
correction. It would behoove you to exit stage right (or left )and take some profits (or tax losses) and move a good portion into cash for this September- October time frame. The market, even in good times ,will have issues in October, and in bad times with revenue growth being questionable and unemployment staying even or getting worse , it is a good time to be very risk adverse.
There will always being another stock value coming along later. You just need to have patience.
Exit , Stage Right......

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