Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If you want to cruise along in 2010 - you better "Hang 10" and not "Wipeout"

< Dow Jones 10,172.98 (down).

In USA - Cell Phone text "Haiti" and send to 90999 to help with Haiti relief aid. $10.00 will go to Red Cross.

My friend Colton who lives in Hawaii is always sending me cool pictures so that I will come out and see him there. One of the things on my bucket list is to go to the North Shore of Oahu and witness "The Eddie", one of surfing’s most prestigious events, with expected 30 to 50 foot high waves. "It is the ride that electrifies thousands of fans who descend on Waimea Bay, the famed surfing cove where Eddie Aikau, a legendary surfer and lifeguard, once plied the waves".

Well with great risk there can be great excitement, buy it is not always the best idea to try to find this excitement by doing wild and crazy moves in your investment portfolio. Save that for your surfboard action. So let's talk about some insurance company stocks for solid investments. (boy, that's a buzz kill, huh! total letdown). I would rather keep your investments in the 3 foot waves, like in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Lincoln National Corp. (Symbol LNC $24.50) a life insurance company and sponsor of our very own beloved and maligned Philadelphia Eagles and their home stadium aptly named "the Linc", is my first suggestion. Projected 5 yr.sales growth rate of 13.42%, 12 month return of 62%, PE 7.76, Earnings 2010 of $3.16 and 2011 of $3.38 per share. No waves here!

Chubb Corp.,(Symbol CB $48.02), a property and casualty insurer with a dividend yield of 2.92% is representing that group. Forward PE (price to earnings) of 9. Growing at 7.72% with a net profit margin of 15% and 2010 earnings of $5.39 per share. No Tsunami warnings here!

AFLAC Inc. (Symbol AFL $49.10) is an accident and health insurer of supplemental insurance. It has a 12 month total return of 116.4%. Projected long term earnings growth of 14.5%.
Dividend of 2.28% and 2010 projected earnings of $5.28 per share which is a PE of 9.3. Ducks can swim, so no problem with the water here.

So keep your head above the water and stay on top of the waves,


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