Saturday, February 13, 2010

Apple Computer - The I-Pad will be a success

Dow Jones 10,099 (Up) week ending 2/12

Well I think I finally drank the Kool-aid. I watched the video about the I-Pad on the website of Apple Computer, (Symbol AAPL,$195.50), and also the Stanford University commencement speech with Steve Jobs discussing his life and his ideas about life. I am a believer. The I-Pad is the perfect Internet surfing device. Period. They have rewritten all the Apple software programs and have made them optimized for this device. It invites the whole application community to use their creativity and invent new uses for the Pad device. It can be a page turning down-loadable book. It is sold at the amazing price point of $499.00 U.S. dollars. It is a winner.

I only wish that I had been paying attention to Lieutenant Dan's stock picks back in 1996, when in the movie Forrest Gump,(referring to Apple Computers), Forrest said "He got me invested in some kinda fruit company". Forrest would say today, "Momma says that Lieutenant Dan is one smart cookie"

Apple has put together some mind boggling numbers. $15.7 billion in sales in their Christmas quarter 2009. 5 year sales growth of 29%. 12 month return of 124+%. 5 year 52.65% earnings growth. These folks are dedicated to excellence in every way.

So what started on April Fool's Day 1976, when Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs released the Apple I computer and began the personal computer age, is now a technology inventing mega-machine. It keeps rolling out the hit products and has $33.6 Billion dollars in current assets on the balance sheet. I see another great sales and earnings year coming in 2010.

So add some Zen enlightenment to your portfolio, and buy some Apple.


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