Saturday, May 29, 2010

America celebrates Memorial Day this weekend, "the land of the free, and the home of the brave". A look at some uniquely American stocks.

Dow Jones 10136.63 (down) Week ending 05-28-2010

Memorial Day is traditionally the kickoff day to the summer season here in the US. But more importantly, it is a time of remembering the men and woman who have fought to preserve our freedom by giving their lives to protect our country and our ideals.

It is with that freedom that they have provided, that I am able to write today freely in this blog without government censorship, like in some countries in the world, and am able to share ideas with you whether they be about stocks, religion, politics, or any subject I choose. The empty chairs and coffins to the right are a stark reminder of the high cost of these freedoms.

For their ultimate devotion, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

To assist our Veterans that have been disabled with a financial donation, you should go to:"". I am a lifelong devotee to this cause and would personally thank you.

Now on to buying those great American stocks. There is probably no more recognized American stock then is The Walt Disney Company (Symbol DIS, $33.42),except for possibly McDonald's Corp. (Symbol MCD, $66.87).

Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" has just broken the billion dollar mark at the box office making it the sixth movie in history to do so. The stock is up 39.31% over the last 12 months. Earnings this year of $1.91 and in 2011 projecting $2.30 per share. Of course Disney also owns the popular
ABC Network and ESPN
. Disney had also at the beginning of the year merged with Marvel adding to it's cast of characters. Disney was saddened by the passing of Art Linkletter this week who had hosted Disneyland's groundbreaking live opening day broadcast on ABC in 1955.

CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg's DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. Cl A (Symbol DWA, $29.69) has had it's stock beat up pretty good over the last 8 weeks. The reason? Shrek fatigue at the box office! Who would of thunk it. I didn't think the big green guy looked that tired to me. It has created a buying opportunity here at the $27.00 to $29.75 range. Most of the soft money is out. Steven Speilberg and the top 7 mutual fund holders of the stock are all low turnover folks, so I think you can start buying in here. Earnings of $2.40 projected for 2011. This stock can rocket when they hit a mega hit, be patient.

Now let's circle back to the aforementioned McDonald's Corp. (Symbol MCD, $66.87), whose stock has been on a steady rise since 2005. Truly an American institution who is recognized worldwide. It has a five year earnings growth rate of 16.07%. The stock is beaten up a bit recently in the latest market turbulence, but it will be back. Total 3 year return of 44.7%. It was in the Freewilly blog baseball lineup in October 9, 2009 blog, batting out of the 3 slot. Not a bad hitter!

So celebrate this American holiday with some respect and remembrance,
and next week buy some American stocks.

Later, Freewilly

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