Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Corning continues to roll out it's trademarked Gorilla Glass product for the mobile device market and its uses are only limited by your imagination"

Dow Jones 10211.07 (Strong UP) week ending 06/11/2010

Gorilla Glass. You gotta like that name. What is Gorilla glass? Corning® Gorilla® glass is an environmentally friendly alkali-aluminosilicate thin sheet glass
that is better able to survive the real-world events that most commonly cause glass failure. Its superior composition allows a deeper layer of chemical strengthening than is possible with most other chemically strengthened glasses — making it both strong and damage resistant. Currently, Gorilla glass is available as-drawn in thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm – 2.0 mm. It is perfect for all portable devices that are subject to having the glass broken and is excellent for all touch screen devices.

Corning Inc. (Symbol GLW, $18.14)
which was already trading at a discounted forward PE of 8.6 since dropping off in the latest market sell off after a nice run from November 2009 to April 2010 seems to be a great bargain here. 13 analysts love the stock and it appears that 2010 earnings estimates were adjusted up but not the 2011 earnings estimate. So oddly it shows earnings going down next year?? You need to stay ahead of the numbers.

To read about Gorilla Glass you can go to Corning's website at:

So if you have Gorillas or Elephants around your house that are always standing on, driving over, throwing because they are mad at relatives or boyfriends, dropping phones on a porcelain tile floor, scratching or otherwise defacing your portable mobile devices then you will probably need Gorilla Glass to solve your problems.

Add some Corning Inc.(GLW) to your portfolio and make it indestructible and scratch resistant! You need that in these markets!

King Kong survives! ..... Freewilly


  1. I only threw my phone once over an ex-boyfriend, and I was sure to do it right. No Gorilla glass or spacecraft-strength plastic was going to save my poor Ericsson in that argument ;)

  2. Blue Roses. I bought my only Blue Rose at K-Mart in Flourtown. The Rose is left now and the store is gone. That was a wonderful Ericsson T-28 Blue Analog phone with a 3/8 wave antenna you had. Now that you are digital you will eventually need a touch screen on your phone and Gorilla will make it work better. Also everybody and their brother will be coming out with a "tablet computer" this year. More Gorilla Glass! Buy GLW on weakness in the market.