Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Sometimes things get silly and I just have to send out a friendly reminder"

Evening of September 23rd, a Harvest Moon outside.

This is not my normal blog just a warning to my friends that I will occasionally send out when I see things that are dangerous out there . 3 stocks that are, on a fundamental basis, well overdone and you quickly need to back away from. 

 First , Netflix, (symbol NFLX, $160.47). The stock is currently at a PE of 65. I had spoke about it earlier in the year at a much lower price. They have not reinvented the wheel here, and this media will soon be delivered directly via the Internet, fiber or cable. This will not end well.

     Also the two darlings of the "Cloud Computing Club".
Akamai Technologies Inc (Symbol AKAM, $50.59) with a PE of 62.46 and (Symbol CRM, $117.49) with a PE of 179.83.  If you are buying or owning these stocks at these levels, the only thing in the clouds is your head!

Remember When:   The Optical stocks were growing at 40% a year and you were buying Sycamore Networks for $115.00 a share and it was supposed to go to $165.00. Or how about when Qualcomm was at $700.00 a share and Henry Blodgett boldly said it would probably go to a $1000.00 a share?

Does any of this sound familiar?    Haven't we been here before?

Hello, McFly, anybody home in there?

This is just to say, don't get Silly out there.  Stick with the fundamentals and avoid bubbles like these and stay out of trouble.

Good Evening,


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