Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Here is a double barrel super charged hemi pair of stocks, General Motors and Ford Motor Company, ready to rock your portfolio"

Dow Jones Industrial Average  12130.45  (Down)  Week ending 02-25-2011

I don't know who lent money to who, or if or when it will be paid back, none of that matters now. Water under the bridge. They pulled a "wall street", and got away with it, so be it. That is the former stockholders problem. The USA needs General Motors.

General Motors (symbol GM , $33.25) now is back with the pedal to the metal. This quarter, 3.7 Billion in earnings and $4,300 dollar bonus checks going to the working employees for productivity. This is the way that it used to work in the good old days. Everyone makes money. Everyone is happy.

Fueled by international sales, GM is projecting earnings in 2011 of $4.20 per share and 2012 earnings of $5.27 per share. There is only 9.6% institutional participation in the stock right now so there are allot of people asleep at the wheel right now who are managing pension funds and mutual funds.You actually need to go to the web page to see how staggeringly well they are doing in sales across all product lines. See GM sales-production . GM is a strong buy here after the oil scare discount applied last week.

Ford Motor Company (Symbol F, $15.07) the other barrel of this double shot pick didn't take any money from the government.If you haven't been paying attention Alan R. Mulally has delivered to stock holders a one year total return of 28.4% and a 3 year total return of 130.8%. The launch of the Ford Focus compact car on a shared platform, or underpinning, around the world allows the car to be made in Asia, Europe and North America using 80 percent common parts and 75 percent of the same supply base. North American sales of cars built from the Focus-sized platform, already expected to rise this year, will skyrocket if oil and gasoline prices spike to more than $4 per gallon as they did in 2008. Here is the full financial picture for Ford:  FORD Investor Overview. A look at the fundamentals shows Ford earnings for 2011 are projected to be $1.89 per share and for 2012 projects at $1.98 per share.  Another strong buy.

Just for the record and correctness I mentioned Hemi in my title which is totally associated with Mopar and Chrysler products. Pictured below is Mickey Thompson's 427 Ford/Hemi Engine - Mickey's Mystery Motor. Yes, It's A Hemi. No, It's Not A Chrysler. It's A Ford. This Rare piece was Created By Mickey Thompson 46 Years Ago. So get off your horse and settle down now.

That engine you could hear and it is a wonderful sound. They could record it and put it in the 2012 electric Ford Focus, that would turn heads!


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