Saturday, September 3, 2011

"A little arbitrage play for you with Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI) where you end up with shares of Google"

Dow Jones Industrial Average 11,285  (Up) Week ending August 26th

Cape May & Atlantic Counties in NJ
It would have been convenient if they had put up a sign for us, in the middle of July, to tell us that there was a Cat 3 hurricane coming to the stock market to do massive damage to our portfolios. We have recovered a little, but there is a long way to go.  Now, after we also have weathered a rare East Coast 5.9 earthquake during the midweek, New York City is facing an actual real Hurricane coming, which could close the exchange on Monday due to flooding.

Hurricane Irene as you can see by the map is bearing down on The Big Apple. It would figure because we finally got a one day rally going on Friday. Hopefully it will all go well.                                   

One idea to try for when the market finally does open is to purchase the shares of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (Symbol MMI, $37.72). This is one of those trades the Chairman, Mario Gabelli might put on.  The stock has been offered to be bought out by Google (Symbol GOOG) at $40.00 per share.  Many things could happen. At worse you get paid the $2.28 per share, 5.25% immediate return on your money and you end up with shares in the high flying Google. Kind of a running start. Or a second scenario, another suitor arrives on the scene and has a hankering for those Motorola stack of patents for the mobile world and the stock price gets bid up even further.
 Now you know while the chairman is always smiling. Only possible downside, if Google for some reason pulls their bid offer. This is low percentage but possible.

(It was at this point Saturday night that Hurricane Irene rolled in and rocked Eastern PA. and South Jersey and knocked downed trees and knocked out the electricity here for days and flooded our basement)

  ......... and because of that I will wrap this up because it is Saturday already, and I need to start the next blog.

Just a note: If I ever mention a stock that is under $5.00 in price, it is against my tenants in Blog number one (go back and check) to purchase it, so consider it a highly speculative investment.

In general, unless you are speculating, (i.e. willing to lose all your money), you should not purchase stocks under $5.00 in price.    

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