Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street? Heck for Twenty Six dollars and Fifty-Three Cents you can own Wall Street, with the shares of NYSE Euronext"

Dow Jones Industrial Average 11644.49  (Up) Week ending 10-14-2011

Everybody is mad at Wall Street. Citizens are mad at the banks that were too big to fail, and bankers that still got their fat bonus checks.Those banks took capital risk that they normally would not have taken, knowing they would be bailed out if they screwed up. And screw up big time they did! The banks along with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae made high risk loans to people to buy houses who put very little money down and that they could not afford. Everybody was making money in real estate, and the activity drove home prices to speculative levels that could not be sustained. So now we are stuck with this wicked multi year financial hangover and lingering 9% unemployment.

So why not just own Wall Street and have them pay you? NYSE EURONEXT , (Symbol NYX, $26.53) stock gives you ownership in the New York Stock Exchange. First you start out with getting paid a 4.41% dividend. The stock trades at a meager value PE of 10.38. Average 5 year sales growth of 17.70% and earnings growth of 10% a year. You wrap all that together and you are bound to get a pretty good annual return. The stock was trading as high as $41.55 in May of this year, so you have plenty of headroom here.

You could also take your protest to other cities around the world because NYSE Euronext owns:    The New York Stock Exchange, Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Brussels Stock Exchange, Paris Bourse,  London (LIFFE) and the Lisbon Stock Exchange. You would have a lot of curbs to sit on and not get kicked off because you would be the owner!

So get your Protest groove on , and keep it peaceful, that's how Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi would have done it. The voice of the people. Let's get a job for everyone that wants one.


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