Sunday, February 5, 2012

" So it's SuperBowl weekend and they have finished up another WingBowl here in Philadelphia. So there's nothing left to talk about but Buffalo Wild Wings"

Dow Jones Industrial Average 12862.23 (UP)  Week ending 02-03-2012

Takeru Kobayashi mastered Philadelphia's annual Wingbowl noshing event by eating 337 chicken wings in a half-hour before a crowd of nearly 20,000 at Wing Bowl XX at the Wells Fargo center in Philadelphia , PA.. Kobayashi beat the record of 255 set last year by Jonathan "Super" Squibb. WingBowl was founded in 1993 by Philadelphia talk-radio hosts Angelo Cataldi and Al Morganti as a celebration of gluttony.  The contest was first broadcast on WIP

The WingBowl was invented to distract us from the fact that another year passes by without our Phillly Iggles (Eagles) being in the SuperBowl. Another fact is that you can be making money off of this national craze for football and chicken wings.
 BUFFALO WILD WINGS (Symbol , BWLD, $70.30)  is a company on the move. There ranking in Investors Business Daily is 99-95-88 B+ B+.  This fast growing company will have 2011 earnings per share of $2.67 and 2012 earnings per share of $3.20 a share.  They are taking all their money and plowing it back into the company into new stores. Five year sales growth here of 21.46% and earnings growth for five years of 23.32%. One year total return of 32.7% and 3 year Total Return on your stock investment of 127.7%. No chicken left on bones here as far as productivity. You can eat healthy here too with a nice spicy Chicken wrap sandwich.

You also will need something to wash down all those wings. Monster Beverage Corp. (Symbol MNST, $105.70) will kick up the energy for you. This little diddy has a one year total return on the stock of 83.7%. The 3 year Total return  is a cool 217.6%. That will put a little energy is your step. The return ROE (Return on Equity) for the company is 24.9 %. Now I know why they call it Monster

It is 6:10 PM EST and it is time for my SuperBowl prediction. I should note that I am better picking stocks, then I am football scores.                                                                                                      Patriots 31 -Giants 27                 
I am a closet Eli Manning fan and Freewilly will be cheering for our NFC East division rival New York Football Giants as Howard Cosell used to call them.


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