Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Jim Cramer had the CEO of up and comer biotech company Seattle Genetics on his show this week. So I thought I would take a look at some healthcare stocks this week for investment"

Dow Jones Industrial Average 12,554.20 (UP nicely) Week ending 06-08-2012

Jim Cramer - Friend of the retail investor
Nobody outworks Jim Cramer to bring you great investment ideas from Wall Street. I do a blog once a week and it takes me 3 to 4 hoursLouis Rukeyser did a half hour show once a week.

Jimmy, brings the goods to you,  5 days a week, for 1 full hour each day. That is an unimaginable task. The amount of work to not only research and write the material,  but also present that amount of data and ideas is absolutely daunting. An incredible job, well done by this young man and his crew at Mad Money! Keep the good ideas coming and everyone diversified in their investments. 

This week the "Boooyah" kid brought us Seattle Genetics Inc. (Symbol SGEN, $23.52) company with negative earnings but very rapidly growing revenues which will bring the company rapidly to positive earnings. This set me off on a tangent to look for some other ideas for investments in this sector.

This is what I found that I like in various categories:

Aggressive Growth: 

Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Symbol ALXN, $92.43) 

Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Symbol QCOR, $43.94)

Good Solid "Meat and Potatoes " Growth Companies:

Celgene Corp. (Symbol CELG, $65.04) 
Zimmer Holdings Inc. (Symbol ZMH, $60.96) 

Local pharma company with good fundamentals but a bunch of Class Action litigation trouble.!

ViroPharma Inc. (Symbol VPHM, $20.32) - pretty good company. Presents a speculative value play here. 

Speculative - some high risk names with no earnings currently, but held by some well known mutual funds. Risky investments.

MandKind Inc. (Symbol MNKD, $1.76)  

Auxilium Pharmaceuticals (Symbol AUXL, $21.57)

Of all these stocks, I like QuestCor Pharmaceuticals the best.

Have a pleasant Sunday. A shout out to horse "Union Rags" for winning the Belmont Horse Racing Stakes.


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