Sunday, September 2, 2012

"No matter who wins the election here in the US, we are still all going to be interested in Food, Home and Garden"

Dow Jones Industrial Average 13090.84 (Down) Week ending 08-31-2012 

Well, one election Convention done (Republican) and one left to go (Democratic). Neither party seems to have a clear advantage in this fray. No matter who wins though, you will need to keep investing  in the stock market  because you can't make any money putting your money in the bank in a Saving certificate of deposit (CD) or a savings account.

Make no mistake, these next two months here in the stock market are going to be treacherous with high volatility. You should take some profits off here on your winners. At the same time, you will still need to start "accumulating" good quality stocks that you can hold for 1 to 3 years.

Scripps Networks Interactive Inc. Class A  (Symbol SNI, $59.10), 

is one such of these stocks. Scripps has a nice blend of shows 

that cover all the things that people likeScripps Networks Interactive is a
leading developer of
 lifestyle-content for television and the Internet.
The company's brands includes HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel,
 DIY Network, Cooking Channel and country music network 
Great American Country. 
Scripps has a One year total return of 45.89% and a 
3 year total return of 80.02%. Return on Equity is a tidy
 30.49%. The 5 year  sales growth has been a steady
 8.75% per year. 2012 earnings look like they will come 
in at at around $3.37 a share. 2013 is looking like $3.80 
per share according to Smartmoney's estimates

2 Billion plus in annual revenues make this a nice Mid-Cap stock to add to your portfolio.
 I would buy into it in parts or even wait a
 little bit here because the next 8 weeks show allow
 some lower price entry points.
The company operates at Gross Margins of
56.53% so is very profitable. 
 Food Network Stars - Season 8
The Current ratio on the stock is 6.34 to 1 so SNI is in very good financial condition.
Year to date the stock is up over 39%
a very healthy number. The real secret in the sauce here may be that
Scripps programming is interactive with the audience
which is
a very good ingredient for success. Food, Home, Garden,
Travel, Music, and "Do it Yourself"all the stuff that people like and 
are always interested in

 Bobby, Giada, and Alton a winning lineup
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Don't work too much, give yourself a break
That's what this holiday is about.

As the chairman's nephew says at SNI's - Iron Chef's Kitchen Stadium
"Allez Cuisine!!" and good luck.


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