Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Every time I stop in someone's house the TV is always on a show from Scripps Network Interactive (SNI). This stock is one of my "13 for 2013" stock picks"

Dow Jones Industrial Average 14,090 (UP) Week ending 03-01-2013

If you mention the word "Streaming" in the same sentence as your stock, you will usually see an 8 to 10 Point rise in that stock's price. So this pass week it was mentioned that Scripps Networks Interactive CL A (Symbol SNI, $64.29) is going to start streaming the Food Network content with Amazon the master of all things distributed.Amazon - Food Network Streaming story link ).

Scripps Networks Interactive, SNI, one of my "13 for 2013" yearly stock picks, has a Return on Equity of 35.83% and PEG Ratio of 1.5. 

The quarterly Gross Profit Margin for the stock is 72.57%. 5 Year Earnings growth has been 17.79%. The forward PE on the stock is 14.97.

2013 earnings are projected at $3.58 per share and 2014 earnings look $4.05 per share. Annual Free Cash Flow is 615 Million. The company pays a dividend that yields around 1 percent (Just enough to keep short sellers away!). It is a younger Mid-Cap stock with annual revenues 2.31 Billion dollars.

The One Year Total Return on the stock of 42.21%. The 3 year Total Return has been 60.24%.

There are 150 Million shares outstanding and these properties may be desirable takeover target for a Disney, CBS, Fox , or Viacom. 

Scripp's shows are very family friendly and would fit well with any of these companies.Standing alone, it will also do very well. They have a fine mix of programming content.

"So, are your going to "Love it" or "List it" ?
Freewilly  says to "Love It" , and buy some shares of SNI, Scripps Networks Interactive.

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