Friday, July 5, 2013

"Time to take a mid-year look at one of my 13 for 2013 stocks: Whole Foods Markets"

Dow Jones  Industrial Average 14,910  (UP)  Week ending 06-28-2013

So how am I doing with one of my picks?

Whole Foods Markets Inc. (Symbol WFM, $52.94 ) (had a 2 for 1 split this year in shares of the stock.)

Well so far for the 6 months I have had it, the stock moved from $44.5 to $52.94, or about 18%, plus a 0.80% dividend, so not so bad. I don't think that they will increase to much in the second half of the year and will probably end up with a 25% annual gain, so a very nice return for the year on your invested capital.

The company will be approaching 12 Billion in annual revenues. The Return on Equity is 14.61%,  a very nice return in a traditionally low profit business, and the PEG Ratio is 2.03.  The 3 to 5 year earnings growth rate has been 50.1%. The forward PE on the stock is 30.8.

The Current Ratio of the company, (Total Assets to Total Liabilities), is 3.62 to 1. Quarter over Quarter Revenue Growth has been 13.4%

2013 earnings per share is projected at $1.45 per share and in 2014 it looks like $1.72 per share.

The trends for eating healthy and simply more interesting foods will continue to favor Whole Foods Markets Inc.  Their unique concepts of having a pub microbrewery in house with the market and their rooftop Taco and Mexican food truck/stand create an entertainment experience found nowhere else.  Also, their very strict standards for exceptional respect for what is truly organic foods provides a very consistent quality throughout the stores. The company is expanding the annual number of new stores at a pace consistent to maintaining its overall high standards.

So step up and place your order for some shares in Whole Foods Markets Inc. (WFM).

"Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet."            Freewilly  

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