Sunday, January 5, 2014

"I called a local radio show to try to win a hat for answering a stock trivia question. I got the question wrong, but the radio show triggered a lot of good investment ideas."

Dow Jones Industrial Average 16,469.99 (Down) Week ending 01-03-2014

I listen to the "BIG Money Show" on Saturday mornings on the AM radio station 1210 WPHT in Philadelphia, PA to hear stock talk conversation. The regular host, Steve Cordasco, was off and Joe Besecker from Emerald Asset Management was hosting the show this week.

Joe put a stock trivia question out there asking, "What Pennsylvania company stock with three letters, (NYSE stock), has had a positive stock return for the last 14 years?" He also gave a second clue that it was a Western Pennsylvania company.

        I decided to give a call over to the station. I was sure the company was symbol PPG, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company.

Joe Besecker
The only problem was that the girl right before me guessed PPG, and the answer was wrong! So I was suddenly up next and had to scramble and the only thing I could think of was to throw out the name "Eaton", (symbol ETN). But alas, that was also wrong, (but not a bad guess). I did not even get a chance to give a shameless plug for my Freewilly's stockpicker blog! It turns out the answer was Wabtec, up 14 years.

Not all was lost, though, since the show brought to light many good investment names for buying in 2014. Here is a short list of good solid companies to invest in for the long term in 2014.

Wabtec Corporation - (Symbol WAB) Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies -
 PEG - 1.192   ROE - 20.98%

       B/E Aerospace - (Symbol BEAV)
       PEG - 0.418    ROE - 15.45%

   PPG Industries Inc. (Symbol PPG) - mentioned in this blog in January 2012 also.

 PEG - 0.0334    ROE  69.76%

These are the kinds of industrial names that are growing their businesses and are safe places for the long term investor to put money to work in this year.

 If you are a reader here at this blog, you remember that I like stocks with PEG ratios below 1.5 and that also have ROEs of 15% plus.

 "Metrolinx locomotive repowered by Wabtec new engines and propulsion systems"

 So, don't get "Twittered!"  Buy stocks in businesses that make sense and make money.


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