Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Man, that was one UGLY Friday 4-4-2014 with the NASDAQ down over 100 Points, but the Dow Jones keeps moving on up, and I have a two-pack of stocks that will make you happy by the end of the year."

Dow Jones Industrial Average 16,323.06  (UP) Week ending 03-28-2014
Dow Jones Industrial Average  16,412.71 (UP) Week ending 04-04-2014

Well, this Friday past, it looked like the haters were out, smashing the high flying momentum stocks on the NASDAQ and taking no prisoners. Netflix, Google, Amazon, Apple; they didn't care what the name was, they were just selling it if it was listed on the NASDAQ.  Evidently, there is some kind of UGLY rotation play on now to sell fast growing stocks and to replace them with stodgy old slow growers.

I guess they do not pay any attention to the William O'Neill - Investors Business Daily, "a priori knowledge"that stocks cannot move any higher until they break through their old highs? Me, I listened. I am holding my shares, because I know where they are going. (UP!)

So, here is an April Two-Pack of stocks for you.

Lions Gate Entertainment (Symbol LGF, $26.79) keeps rolling out the hits and continues to build their library of great media content. See   Revenues for the company are $2.694 Billion dollars and YOY Quarterly EPS growth is 118.5%.  The PEG ratio on the company is 0.0404 and the Return on Equity is 70.96%.  The Twelve Month Trailing Net Income is $265.85 Million dollars. They have Movies, TV Shows, and TV Channels: what more could you want?

InvenSense (Symbol INVN, $21.22) 

is really a 2015 story,  but the mutual funds have already started to accumulate shares. InvenSense is a play on the next wave of consumer devices in the "Wearable Electronics" market that is expected to explode up to over 400 Million devices. InvenSense will manufacture the motion-sensing chips for this market. The Motley Fool is all over this one.

CNBC describes their profile as such: "InvenSense, Inc. is engaged in devices for the motion interface market that detect and track an object's motion in three-dimensional space. Its Motion Tracking devices combine micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) motion sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses, with mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) and algorithms and firmware that intelligently process, synthesize and calibrate the output of sensors for use by software applications via an application programming interface (API). While its solutions have broad applicability, the Company targets consumer electronics applications such as smartphones and tablets, console and portable video gaming devices, digital still and video cameras, smart televisions, navigation devices, toys, and health and fitness accessories." 

InvenSense currently has Revenues of $248.74 Million dollars, so really it is just in its infancy, as far as revenue growth. Earnings growth this past year has been 44%. The current PEG ratio is 2.15 and the Return on Equity is 9.39%. Zack's has a buy recommendation on the stock. This is a little early, but when the dust clears from this current stock rotation, you will be in good shape with this one. 
The one year chart for InvenSense looks good, moving from $10.00 up to this $22 area. 

Here is a picture of the InvenSense 9 axis SDK kit
Apple, Samsung, Nike, Under Armour, will all be head long into this new Health and Fitness "Wearable electronics" product market category.

 Nike already has their own"Fuel" device out there. You can see it below:

So, all this should be enough to keep your mind busy during these wild market swings. Cream always floats to the top, and these two stocks will be great additions to your portfolio and end up as top investments.

So keep smiling. Spring has finally arrived.


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