Sunday, August 17, 2014

"It's NFL football season and that can only mean one thing. Football,Wings,and Beer. That leads me right to Buffalo Wild Wings, (BWLD), and it's 16 different sauces. It makes your mouth water."

Dow Jones Industrial Average 16,662.91 (UP) Week ending 08-15-2014

Well, its NFL and college football season again, and for Minneapolis, Minnesota based 

Buffalo Wild Wings Inc., (Symbol BWLD, $142.81), it is a great time to be selling NY Style Chicken Wings and cold Beer. 

This is a second time appearance of BWLD on the Freewilly stock blog, with the last recommendation in my February 12th, 2012 blog , when I told you to buy the stock when it was trading at $70.30 per share. You would have had a "double" in your equity in 2 and 1/2 years. There are still only 18.9 Million shares outstanding, a very small number by today's market standards so earnings add up quick.

So now let's take a look at the current numbers.
The Return on Equity on the stock is 19.27. The PEG ratio according to Y-Charts is 0.6048. It like both of those numbers.

The trailing twelve month Revenue is 1.39 Billion dollars so this is still a small cap stock. The company has an earnings rating in IBD of 98 so that is outstanding. 

Buffalo Wild Wings currently has 992 stores with 60% being company owned and the rest being franchised to private owners. There are some analyst concerned that they already have 66% US market penetration, but don't worry about that. Guess what! Ron Jaworski and some other smart folks have been working for 3 years on an NFL Style football league in China which may launch soon. Can you see the possibilities here?

The company has three to five year earnings growth of 24.6% and one year earnings growth of 12.7% so we are slowing a bit there. Next quarter earnings growth though is projected at 23.8%.

Earnings per share in 2014 is projected at $5.05 per share and for 2015 we are looking for $5.98 per share with a current PE of 29.8. 

The one year change in the value of the stock in the trailing 12 months is 36.11%

The best news for you Minneapolis, Minnesota folks is that I have the explosive Cordarelle Patterson, Vikings Wide Receiver on my fantasy football team and will have him playing every game. See, I can pick stocks and good fantasy football players too! I love stats of all kinds.

Cordarelle Patterson, Vikings WR

So my opinion this week is you can buy currently into a LONG position in this stock, ( BWLD),  and as always buy in with small increments.

Here is were you can find a BWLD bar and grill near you: Click here to find Buffalo Wild Wings bar near you

Enjoy the beautiful weather and make sure to feed the birds,


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