Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Here are the Freewilly's Stock Picker Blog "15 stocks for 2015". The more stocks, the harder the challenge. But I think I am up to the task."

Dow Jones Industrial Average 17832.99 (Down) Week Ending 01-02-2015

The Who song , "We won't get fooled again", comes to mind when I think back about my 2014 blog stock picks.  I guess I was looking for growth at an "Unreasonable" price with some of picks that either tread water or were beat up for non-delivery of immediate gigantic earnings gains. I think that that won't be a problem in 2015, although we are still staying aggressive.

So my picks are again centered around "mostly" stocks with a PEG ratio of less than 1.5 and that have a Return on Equity of 15% plus.

So here is the 2015 list of picks for this year.

1. Walt Disney (Symbol DIS)
2. Delta Airlines (Symbol DAL)
3. Constellation Brands (Symbol  STZ)
4. Johnson and Johnson (Symbol JNJ)
5. Discover Financial Services (Symbol DFS)
6. Tractor Supply (Symbol TSCO)
7. Hershey Foods (Symbol HSY)
8. Oshkosh Corp. (Symbol OSK)
9. Celgene (Symbol CELG)
10. Yahoo (Symbol YHOO)
11. Monster Beverage (Symbol MNST)
12. Dow Chemical (Symbol DOW)
13. Edward Lifesciences (Symbol EW)
14. Foot Locker ( Symbol FL)
15. Southwest Airlines (Symbol LUV)

No Small cap stocks this year. All Mid-Cap and Large cap stocks. A mix of transportation, Health care, Food and Beverage, Media, and a few retail stocks mostly. One common theme is a reduction in commodity cost for many of these companies in 2015. I sifted thorough this list over and over again trying to filter out any stocks that were too speculative. Many of these stocks also pay a nice dividend to add to your gains.

 This is a muscular team with many stock market heavyweights on it. But guess what?
You deserve to have the best investments in your portfolio and nothing less than that.
Yahoo, (YHOO), was included in this group because of it gigantic investment stock holding in Alibaba, (BABA). 

I did my part for the economy yesterday and went out and traded in my old 2001 Nissan Altima for a brand new 2015 Nissan Altima version. Lots of customer loyalty bonus incentive programs going on right now. So I guess I am optimistic about the economy this year. 

Since we have had three years in a row with double digit gains in the market I have put together a portfolio that has a degree of "Risk Off" built into it and that is the best approach to 2015.

I would be remiss not to mention, since my number one pick is Disney this year, the owner of the fantastic ESPN Network, the profound loss and passing of ESPN Sports Center analyst and major company asset Stuart Scott at the age of 49. It was announced this morning after his long bout with cancer. You would have never known it when watching him on TV. 

He had been the latest winner this summer of the Jimmy Valvano ESPY award for courageousness in facing his cancer. If you have never seen the ESPN Jimmy Valvano "30 for 30" episode it is a must see.

If you can live your life like Stuart Scott, you will have no regrets.


 Stuart Scott - ESPN Analyst

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