Saturday, December 31, 2016

"Repatriation of funds,and other mysterious processes that are expected to occur in 2017. Also Freewilly's Stockpicker blog 2016 beginning of the year stock pick performance recap revealed"

Dow Jones Industrial Average - 17,762.60 (Down) Week ending 12-30-2016
S & P 500 Average - 2238.83

Repatriation. The wonder cure to supercharge the USA economy in 2017. Repatriation on paper sounds great. Let companys do a one time return of overseas earnings dollars at a one time lower tax rate. Sounds easy.

BUT, just like in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life", George Bailey and his Bailey Savings and Loan does not have that money just sitting around. It is loaned out and put to work with companies in Europe and Asia and around the world. If there is a massive repatriation, it could break those banks or simply they could just say that they won't allow you to do it or that it would need to be done a little bit at a time.

Second, What does repatriation of funds mean?

"The process of converting a foreign currency into the currency of one's own country. The amount that the investor will receive depends on the exchange rate between the two currencies being traded at the settlement time." If A process like this were to take place and swing into motion, it would create wild fluctuations in world currency markets and disrupt the whole world economy. Not such a wonderful life! 😓

So it is my forecast, that this will not happen, or if it does happen it will be very limited and not have the massive impact that everyone is expecting.

On to the bold predictions from the beginning of 2016:

First the Growth stock picks did terrible, down (-6.98%) on average. 

PLKI, SNA, MBLY, CELG, SAM, SKX and AMWD. The worse performer, Sketchers,  SKX down (-18.97%) for the year of 2016.

Next the Value Stock Picks which did great, up +20.52% on average. 

 AAPL, TWX, TWTR, OSK, TK, ICON. The big winner was Oshkosh Corp. up 72.06% and the subject of my 12/28/2015 blog called "The Rainmaker". Which stock will be the Rainmaker in 2017???

Last, but not least, the Steady Eddie stocks, which averaged +7.57%. V,GE,JNJ were the three selections in this area. Johnson and Johnson, JNJ, the big winner with a +15.65% gain.

This has been a year of tremendous learning for me in regards to investing. Although I pick off the occasional growth stock trade like STMP, NTNX, DG and others this year, I have whole heartily made the conversion over to Value investing as an ongoing concern. Value investing will be the theme of most investments discussed in the Freewilly's Stockpicker Blog for 2017.  

Enjoy your last hours of 2016, and best of investments to you for the new 2017 year that starts tonight at 12:00 AM Midnight.

Good cheers to you,


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