Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wilson Family Reunion June 28th, 2009 - Sunday

Wilson Family Reunion - June 28th, 2009 Sunday

Cherry Hill, N.J.

Information or directions call Howard Wilson or David Wilson.

On the right side is a picture from the 6/28/2009 party. Weather was sunny and beautiful and we had a fun time of eating, drinking and swapping Wilson and Reader family stories.


  1. See you all there! Food, beer, friends, family, lots of pictures and geneology!! What could be better?

  2. Hi Dave,
    Great photo!!
    Question: Can you please identify who is in the picture (Left to right): Sue and I think we know, BUT,,, you know,,,it has been a LONG time,,Too much Wild Turkey,,, getting old :-)so I am not exactly sure I got it right:

    Love ya all, Bill and Sue

  3. Bill and Sue good afternoon. The people in the picture going from left to right are Aunt "Bessie" Danley, my dad's oldest sister, my dad, Howard Hassel Wilson, dad's sister aunt Alice Keller in the middle,then Grandmom Elizabeth (Reader) Wilson, then my aunt Anna Tice, then my uncle, dad's older brother, Stephen Whitney Wilson III. You probably recognize the Whitney name from up in New York, (i.e. Whitney Point). The Whitney's just donated 1,000's of acres of land to The Adirondacks State park up in northern New York about a month or two ago .

    Please do not feed the bears. ( I hear they like
    their food in barrels now. Especially ones that smell like restaurants!)

    Cousin Dave (Freewilly)