Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael - by the numbers

Since this is a financial and music blog I thought it only appropriate to post Michael's incredible stats. The loss of Michael and Farrah Fawcett, two icons of our youth, makes you sit back and think that you must be ancient!
Here they are:
750 Million Albums
Michael Jackson is the third biggest selling pop act of all time after The Beatles, and Elvis. His 1982 album "Thriller" is thought to be the biggest selling album EVER , selling over 65 Million copies according to the Guinness book of World records.
Michael Jackson's earnings from record sales, tours, merchandise and other business ventures are estimated to have succeeded $700 Million dollars in his 40 year recording career.
Since the early 1980's his recordings have generated more than $300 Million in royalties.
In 1985 , Jackson paid $47.5 Million for a catalog of 4,000 songs including 200 Beatles songs.
By 2005, the catalog now co-owned by Sony , was worth $500 Million dollars. Paul McCartney is believed to have originally tipped him off to the financial benefits of owning music catalogues.
In 1987, Michael purchased 2800 acres northwest of Santa Barbara CA. for $14.6 Million and named it "Neverland" , after the imaginary land in J M Barrie's novel Peter Pan. By 2006 it cost him $4 Million dollars a year to operate.
Michael won 13 Grammy Awards and many music video awards.
Michael was never found guilty of any of the charges against him.
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  1. Greetings, Just as a follow up, they reported yesterday, 6/30, that Michael's net worth at death after all the bills are paid is $236 million dollars. I'm sure Michael's wishes would have been to dedicate the money to his lifelong causes with helping people. I just hope that he had put it down on paper somewhere. A good financial lesson for everyone to learn. Make up a Will, even if it is handwritten.

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