Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Time - some pharma stocks to look at with a 2 year time horizon

Dendreon Corp., (Symbol DNDN), located in Seattle, Washington, trading around $24.50 is up today in a summer doldrums market. One analyst has moved the target price to $36.00 and on CNBC they off-handedly threw out a $49 target handle projected on the stock. Story here is a big cancer breakthrough in prostate cancer treatment.

Another stock to keep an eye on as we go into the next flu season is Gilead Sciences Inc., (Symbol GILD). Sometimes after a big flu threat year like with the swine flu the following year is even worse. This Forest City, Ca. company is very well positioned for medical solutions in this area. The stock trades at $45.36 today. (7/6) Last quarter earnings were growing at 24 % plus.

Either of these stocks could also be targets for buyout from the "bigger fish" in the pharma area. As always buy in with smaller positions and average in with your purchases.

Happy hunting, P.S. disclaimers. I have 37 years of personal trading experience, (and I have had many bumps and bruises along the way), but no degrees in finance or Series 7 licencing. These are just observations based on my experience.



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