Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What about that 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook in my profile?

Some folks have asked about why do I have a picture of a 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook on my profile. Well that was my first car that I ever owned. My neighbor Jim Thoms fixed it up and gave it to me for free because I only had enough money to pay for the car insurance in New Jersey. My car even had a name , the "Arnold" , named of course after Arnold Ziffel that used to be the neighbors family pig on the TV show "Green Acres". (That song from the show is still imprinted in my brain). Anyway I still have the stick shift for that car up in my drawer because someone sawed if off when we were down the jersey shore. The Cranbrook with its 218 cubic inch flat head "6" engine had a 3 speed shifter on the column and I had to drive home using the stub of the shifter only. The Arnold machine was all Silver and then had a Black roof, hood, and trunk like a limousine. I can tell you that the "Arnold" was like honey , attracting the young lass's. Certified babe magnet. We also snuck-in once 4 kids into the Pennsauken Drive-in, in the trunk of the Plymouth ,with plenty of room to spare. I also picked up a copy on eBay of the original sales brochure for the 1953 Plymouth series with the Cranbrook and Cambridge shown. I will post it sometime.
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