Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Time to see where the Sunny in Philadelphia gang are investing their money"

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Well we heard from Ben Graham last week here at Freewilly's Stockpicker blog so I thought we would go to the other extreme for some expert advice on investing from our local Philadelphia celebrities from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" . Surely their interesting views of the world will turn up some real hits.  They all invest based on their personal interest, and of course, based on a 1-3 year Fundamental Analysis,  just like my blog.

We will start with "Mac" because he always claims to be the leader of the TV "Gang". With his Kung-fu and many kick-boxing tactics he would like the super sports picks , Under Armour Inc. (Symbol UA, $54.25) to get that slim look he wants and  CABELA'S INC. Symbol CAB, $21.86) to get all hunting gear that he needs to take on opponents. Born in Philadelphia, he truly understands the Philadelphia mentality of throwing snowballs at Santa Claus.

"Charlie", another star of the Gang at Paddy's Pub,  would definitely be looking to invest in  Snap-On Inc (Symbol SNA, $52.89) because he needs his various tools to kill small baby rats. His second pick would be PETsMART Inc. (Symbol PETM, $37.84) because Frank and him at times have been reduced to eating cat food in their slum apartment. Yuk!  Although Charlie frequently abuses inhalants such as glue and spray paint he comes in with some good insights for stock picking. As Co-owner of Paddy's pub he also has an affinity for Boston Beer Company, (Symbol SAM, $82.26) but thinks you need to wait for it to come in a little bit and change it's name to Philadelphia Beer company. But that name is taken, so then simply change the name to Paddy's Beer or Charlie's Beer. 

"Dennis", who was raised on the Mainline with his twin sister Dee and father Frank , has a very high opinion of himself. He will be mad I didn't put him first in this article. Dennis would probably go for Proctor and Gamble Co. (Symbol PG, $64.05) because of their new Dove for Men skin care soap to make him look good. He would also buy shares of Google Inc. (Symbol GOOG, $590.83) so he could look good with his friends and smart for buying such a good and high dollar stock. Though in one Episode,
he and Dee decide they are going to go on welfare and not work anymore.
They end up desperate to the point where they would probably search in dumpsters for food. So he would also like Waste Management Inc. (Symbol WM, $35.22)  because of their vast supply of dumpsters.

Dee, also known as "Sweet Dee", has an affinity to wear Angel Wings so is torn in her stock choices between Victoria's Secret owner Limited Brands Inc. (Symbol LTD, 33.01) and the super chic Philly based Urban Outfitters Inc. (Symbol URBN, $37.26) . Like most females she can't decide so she will probably buy both of them.
Deandra, who was unpopular in high school because of having to wear an aluminum back brace, aspires to be an actress, so she might have an interest in  Dreamworks Animation (Symbol DWA, $31.08).  Maybe she could turn Charlie's dream book into a movie.

Frank, what a father. He water boarded his daughter Dee in the urinal at paddy's pub to gain a confession from her.  Frank's dream is to have a Hawaiian Luau feast for his birthday and roast a Pig. He would purchase Sanderson Farms Inc. (Symbol SAFM,  $42.61) and  Hormel Foods Corporation (Symbol HRL, $47.64) so he would have a steady supply of Pigs!  Frank is also very impressed with Sherwin Williams (Symbol SHW, $73.12) because of the fine job it did with painting the dilapidated boat that they had purchased. He also loves their paint for using for doing graffiti work. Frank, the always shady business man who owned a Vietnamese sweatshop, would certainly want some Casino action and would like the low priced Boyd Gaming Co. (Symbol BYD, $8.95).

The ever strange McPoyle brothers which are the nemesis of "the gang" would buy Tasty Baking Co. (Symbol TSTY, $6.35). Why, because it's Philadelphia, and Tasty is where the Chocolate Junior comes from.

Tasty Baking, the Philadelphia based baker is an earnings turnaround story into 2011 and a possible buyout candidate.
The Waitress and Rickety Cricket also send their regards. The are putting their money in Philadelphia Municipal Bonds. They are hoping that the Phillies do not win another World Series and cost the city an expensive million dollar parade! 
So join the "Gang" and watch them every Thursday night on FX at 10:00.

Best Regards,   Freewilly

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