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"Blog #83 "The Rainmaker". Alcatel-Lucent, Freescale Semiconductor, and Hewlett Packard collaborate to hit a Gran-Slam with lightRadio Cube & portfolio. A scalable,green, combo tower & cloud backend solution to handle the Smartphone Tsunami** "

Dow Jones Industrial Average 12,200.59  (UP) Week ending 03-25-2011

We have been blessed here in Philadelphia with a long history of home run hitters. Ryan Howard, Michael Schmidt, Greg "the Bull" Luzinski, Dick "Richie"Allen, Cy Williams, Chuck Klein and Del Ennis going back.

  Well ...  Alcatel-Lucent ADR (Symbol ALU, $5.34), Freescale Semiconductor (owned by Blackstone Group, Symbol BX, $18.74), and Hewlett Packard (Symbol HPQ, $42.53) have gotten together and hit an IBM tape measure shot Grandslam of Epic proportion. A Rainmaker. One Harry Kalas would say "That ball is out of here!". (Happy Birthday Harry today).  We are talking here like the Roy Hobbs moon shot in the movie "The Natural" that hits off of the top of the light tower and explodes it into showers of streaming light. Are we starting to get the picture here?

Roy Hobbs

lightRadio Cube is a game changer. Everything that exist now for this functionality is suddenly now 10-fold obsolete. Ancient history. Wim Sweldens - the President of the Wireless Division of Alcatel-Lucent  in the press conference on this portfolio from Bell Labs compares it to the "Invention of the transistor".  What is it?  I will need to quote Alcatel Lucent for that:

"lightRadio is a flexible architecture that distributes intelligence throughout the network so that it can dynamically expand to meet growing demands.

lightRadio Cube
 This is accomplished by creating a new architecture where the base station, typically located at the base of each cell tower, is broken into its component elements and distributed through the network or ‘carrier cloud.’ Additionally the various cell tower antennas are combined and shrunk into a single powerful, Bell Labs-pioneered multi frequency, multi standard (2G, 3G, LTE) device that can be mounted on poles, sides of buildings or anywhere else there is power and a broadband connection.

Leveraging Bell Labs innovations in active antenna technology and advanced CPRI compression and partnerships with Freescale and HP, Alcatel-Lucent is first in the industry to announce products in this space.

The lightRadio product family is comprised of the Wideband Active Array Antenna, the Multiband Remote Radio Head, the lightRadio Baseband Processing, the lightRadio Control, and end-to-end management using the 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM). The product family depends on a number of breakthrough innovations and technologies from Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs research arm and ecosystem of companies."

Here's the skinny on it. Alcatel Lucent has over 200 patents on the portfolio of lightRadio products that they are going to release every six months out into 2014. Freescale Semiconductor has put all the electronics that used to be in a cell tower into a chipset that fits into a cube that  can sit in palm of your hand. The cubes can be put anywhere there is power and a connection.
They can increase the current capacity on a tower by 30 X times.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that   lightRadio reduces energy consumption of mobile networks by up to 50% over current radio access network equipment.

Hewlett Packard is doing all the back end "cloud" work for this partnership. No small task.

The partnership has garnered acceptance from Verizon Wireless, Orange, and China Mobile to uptake this technology. I recommend that
you sign up and watch the press conference. Here is a link.  lightRadio Press conference , green box on right side

This is the advent of a modern day transportation system comparable to Vanderbilt's New York Central Railroad or that  Philadelphia institution the Pennsylvania Railroad. But instead of moving people and freight they are moving information, data, voice, and streaming video all over the world. The greatest railroad of all-time.

I recommend that you accumulate all three of these stocks, (ALU, BX, and HPQ) as a solid 5 year investment.


** Credit CNBC's Jim Cramer with coining of the term "Smartphone Tsunami"

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