Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Some Small Cap names for MARCH with catalyst or dynamics for rapid growth. EBIX,THC,CPHD,TZOO,CYH"

Dow Jones Industrial Average 12044.40  (down) Week ending 03-11-2011

 March Comes in Like a Lion Sangatsu no Raion, lit. March Lion; alternatively called Sangatsu no Lion or 3gatsu no Lion; officially translated as March Comes in Like a Lion. This ironically is the name of a  Japanese TV series set in Tokyo, Japan following the everyday life of a 17-year old Shogi player. Japan has had a roaring March so far, with earthquakes, a 33 foot tsunami washing whole cities away, and now up to 6 of its Nuclear plants affected by these tragic events. All the people and countries of the world need to come to their assistance.

Our US stock markets have been weathering their own storm in March. But alas, spring will arrive here with the Crocuses poking their colorful heads up in white, purple and yellow. The Red winged black birds have arrived at the bird feeder so the green of springtime cannot be far behind. 

So a look at some small cap stocks with budding growth. EPIX Inc. (Symbol EBIX, $28.13) provides a series of application software products for the insurance industry ranging from carrier systems, agency systems and exchanges to custom software development for carriers, brokers, and agents involved in the insurance industry. They have been compared by some analysts to (CRM). They are buying up companies an expanding quickly.

Tenet Healthcare Corp. (symbol THC, $7.09) has a recent Return on equity of 124.3% . Allot of that was due to a million dollar tax credit on the balance sheet but EBITA is improving at this center city health care provider. When ObamaCare kicks in they should get paid for allot of services that they now give away for free at the emergency room. Earnings per share for 2012 projected at $0.44 cents.

St. Patricks Day this week on March 17th. My stock pick for last year on St.Pat's day was Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) (Symbol SAM), and was my best pick of the year last year up 68%.
This year how about some TravelZoo (Symbol TZOO, $ 44.98) to put some green in your beer and in your wallet. 2011 earnings per share of $1.09 and for 2012 $1.48 per share.

Also drink to your health with a couple of healthy stock picks.

CEPHEID (Symbol CPHD, $26.18) is a Sunnyvale, CA. company
that is a molecular diagnostics company that develops, manufactures, and markets fully-integrated systems for testing in the Clinical market, as well as for application in the company's legacy Bio threat and Industrial markets. 5 year sales growth of 21.19% and projected earnings growth of 25%. Earnings ramp up in 2012 to $0.48 cents per share. Get in early.

..... and one last one to go with your Black and Tan above would be
Community Health Systems Inc. (Symbol CYH, $39.61) that is in the hospital business and has plenty of earnings. 5 year sales growth of 31.96%. I guess all us oldsters are ending up at the hospital more. Good numbers, but not allot of institutional buyers in this stock.

All these stocks are higher beta volatility than the stocks that I usually put in this venue, so be careful, but you do need some small cap for growth in your portfolio.

So hope for Springtime and pray for the people in Northern Japan that they can put their lives back together.

Best Wishes for a splendid St. Patty's Day,



  1. Dow Jones down 138.00 Tuesday 3-15-2011

    My blog stocks today:

    EBIX/quotes 27.98 0.59 2.15%
    CPHD/quotes 25.54 0.01 0.04%
    THC/quotes 7.00 -0.08 -1.13%
    CYH/quotes 39.00 0.30 0.78%
    TZOO/quotes 46.43 1.42 3.15%

  2. Who are you going to beleive??! EBIX was down dramatically today due to an anonymous 3 part slanderous post on Seeking Alpha (which in the past 3 weeks has had all positive posts on the EBIX stock) or artcles by Investors Business Daily and Motley Fool who favor the stock. It looks like there was a intentional smear campaign here by an anonymous poster who was probably short the stock!


  3. Ebix Response to Stock Price Drop

    EmailPrint..Press Release Source: Ebix, Inc. On Thursday March 24, 2011, 8:20 pm

    ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Ebix, Inc. (NASDAQ:EBIX - News) a leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance industry, today stated that it had received calls from shareholders regarding the sudden drop in the price of its common stock as quoted on NASDAQ. The Company stated that it is not aware of any negative developments within the Company or in its operations that would warrant in such a sudden drop in the price of its stock.

    The Company also reiterates its policy of not responding to individual blogs that speculate on the operations or future results of the Company.

    The Company also refuted the random implications in a recent blog posted on Seeking Alpha about the Company. The Company normally does not comment on blog posts, but believes it is the author's intention to advance his interests, and the interests of other investors that have taken a position adverse to the long-term growth prospects of the company. It is management's opinion that this post misrepresents and distorts facts not relevant to the Company's current financial position, long-term growth prospects and management policies. To that end, the Company reiterates its long term growth initiatives and expansion opportunities, both domestically and internationally with an expanding distribution channel and broadening a product offering.

    The Company holds its directors, officers and employees to the highest ethical standards in both its business operations, and in its efforts to achieve long-term value for its shareholders. The Seeking Alpha post appears to have been issued specifically to cause a decline in the Company’s stock price to support the increase in the short interest in the Company stock, and purchases of stock options related to these short positions. The company is considering filing a formal complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission's Division of Trading and Markets and Division of Enforcement, to report this anonymous blog targeted at causing a decline in shareholder value. The Company will take other appropriate action if needed to protect its business operations and the reputation of its management team, board of directors, employees and partners.

    The Company also reminds investors about the Investor Conference on April 1, 2011:

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