Monday, December 17, 2012

"Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. You might not find the wizard there, but you will find a company stock, (ORCL), with tremendous revenues"

Dow Jones Industrial Average 13,135.01 (Down) Week ending 12-14-2012

There is a company that had the same sales and earnings dollar numbers this year as the company Google, (whose stock trades at $700.00), and yet if you follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, which is the headquarters of this other company , you can buy their stock for only $31.96 for a share.  Sound interesting?  The company is: 

Oracle Corp. (Symbol ORCL,$31.96)  Return on Equity 23.88% and PEG Ratio 1.01

Oracle 2012 sales $37,121 mil, (Google $37,862 mil), and Oracle Net 2012 earnings were $10,100 mil, (Google $9,737 mil). Pretty strange huh? 

Oracle Corp. is projecting 2013 earnings per share of $2.66 per share and 2014 of $2.91 per share. Oracle is only growing at half the pace that Google is growing, but still had 5 years sales growth of 13.10 % and 5 year earnings growth of 17.11%. 

Here is a really amazing stat. The 3 year total return on Oracle Corp. is 34.70% and is actually higher than Goggle's 3 year Total Return. 

I think Oracle gives you a nice safe way to get a very good return on your investment. 

Oracle is also going to benefit with the building of the infrastructure of the ObamaCare program.. ORCL is a subcontractor to help build the database software for state exchanges to facilitate the deployment of the program.

So you won't need a wizard to come from behind a curtain to give you a brain like the scarecrow to make some money.. Sometimes we look for some obscure stock to try to make money when we really need just to look at the stocks that are right in front of us.

                                                       Hopefully the Wizard will be ready with a hot air balloon for us so that we have some way to traverse over the Fiscal Cliff and get back to Kansas. 

The Wizard and Dorothy say Buy some Oracle Corp. !     Freewilly

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